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Each planet type (pt) is suited for different strategies, best suited to their advantages & disadvantages. For this short guide we will use R68 PT's bonuses and ignore the round bonus.
Planet Type Advantage 1 Advantage 2 Disadvantage Other
Forest & Wilderness +20% Population +25 Money / Starmine +20% Attack Time Start with 500 sols
Desert Wasteland +30% Offensive Power -90% Troopers / Dragoon Cost -10% Population Start with Dragoons Research, FDC always at 25%
Volcanic Inferno -85% Energy Required Fusion Plants store 10'000 Energy -10% Population Start with Fusion Technology and 10 Fusion Missiles
Mystical Lands -30% Attack Time -40% Energy Required -10% Offensive Strength Start with S.C.O.U.T.E.R. and Fusion Technology already researched
Mountainous +25% Income +75% Attack Honor -20% Energy Production Start with Laser Dragoons researched
Oceanic +10% Defense -25% Building Cost +25% Research Required Start with 250 Laser Troopers
Terra Form +50% Research Eff Research max up 20% -10% Income Start with 1500 research points in Pop, Power, Military, and Money
Multiple Terrain None None None Start with Dragoons, Laser Dragoons, Fighters, and Tactical Fighters researched

Forest & Wilderness (F&W) -> +20% Population, +25 money/Starmine(SM), +20% Attack Time, Start with 500 sols
 F&W is a high income planet - both high pop income and high SM income. SMs have better income than pop, so I'd always advise that you have some of those, not forgetting that soldiers are of utmost importance too. Many people like to play F&W with a high-tank military; This is not necessarily a good thing as the +20% attack time means that your tanks will be out for a very long time, therefore leaving you vulnerable. Better off to play with lots of Dragoons (goons) and Laser Dragoons (LDs); This is not to say that a healthy supply of tanks is not a good thing - quite on the contrary it allows you to hit bigger if you decide to play it a little risky.
 Because of F&W being such a high income planet you will always have one nagging problem - robbers. There's 2 defenses against these
  • Playing high probes
    A high probe strategy will make you harder to probe in turn, however since FW makes so much money from SMs playing high probes might mean you are losing out on lots of potential income especially if you are not a practiced robber (keeping track of login times & spreadsheeting)

  • Keeping probe shields up
    Probe shields are quite expensive to keep up, but for an extra 2-3% powerplants (PPs) you should be able to comfortably afford it. This will only stop 20% of PAs so it's not a bullet proof solution, but often enough catching the robber when he fails his PA is a big deterrent. Many times people will attack whoever has been trying to rob them in order to teach them a lesson.

 Usual method of playing: Explore, build lots of defense, 25/25 Residences (Res) / SMs, keep an eye on who you want to hit next, you'll have lots of time to decide. Early game you can use the high income to make lots of scientists (sci) and get Energy Core (EC) research done as soon as possible and Reactor Warp Core Energy (RWCE) maxed which will make your attacks significantly quicker.
Desert Wasteland (DW) -> +30% Offensive Power, -90% Trooper/Dragoon Cost, -10% Population, Start with Dragoons researched and FDC always at 25%
 DW is a highly offensive PT for two reasons which you will be wanting to fully exploit. Cheap offensive units and a huge 30% attack bonus. It has however one drawback which is low population. Because of this population the amount of cheap units you can make is limited;
 One commonly used strategy is to play high Res (40%) to have a good amount of pop and make Dragoons (goons) and Laser Troopers (LTs) or Laser Dragoons (LDs), to compliment it - however because of the pop disadvantage this means low income from population and people usually counter it with probes & robbing. Probes here serve a double purpose because you will want your War Leaders (WLs) out as often as possible conquering new planets for you and for that you need intel which the probes will bring you.
If on the other hand you are not good with probes you could make some SMs instead of Probe Factories (PFs) and use that income to train your units.
There is yet a third strategy where you play lower population (25-30%) and instead of making LTs or LDs for defense you make mostly tanks. This is hard to afford later on but works well early game, mostly because your goons come nearly for free. You'll be wanting to make as many goons as possible while keeping a high amount of tanks, so remember to always train all soldiers possible, as any left overs will be used for goons.

Warning: It is unusual for a DW Kingdom (KD) to last until the end of the game, as they are usually targeted during war for their potential to wreck havoc very quickly and easily. Do not expect to live until the end of the round if you choose DW as your PT.On the other hand, if you do make it to the end of the round you have one huge advantage over others: since your goons are so cheap it becomes extremely cheap to conquer your land instead of exploring it, so press those goon buttons, and go grab everyone in sight.
Volcanic Inferno (VI) -> -85% Energy Required, Fusion Plants store 10'000 Energy, -10% Population, Start with Fusion Technology and 10 Fusion Missiles
VI suffers from the same pop problem as DW, unfortunately however its advantages are hardly comparable. In order to successfully play this planet type it takes a lot more work than DW does. The advantages here are harder to combine - you can either play very low power plants (1.5%-3% instead of 10%) or you can play slightly higher, (6%-10%) and take advantage of the storing 10'000 power instead of 1000 power advantage. Shields still require their usual amount so you'll need some PPs for that. The 'other' advantage wears away in the first week of game. All this said, there are quite a few feasible strategies for this planet type:
  • Low Pop, High SM, All Tanks
    This is a good, straight forward strat however it is much better early on, mid-end game it becomes highly expensive. 20-25% Res, 20-25% Rax, 3-6% PPs, 10% TCs, 34% SMs / PFs
    Using this setup you will have quite decent income depending on how many PFs you have and how good you are at using them You could even choose not to have probes at all; You should always be maxing soldiers and constantly have a good supply of rax coming in as each tank takes up two residence spaces. Watch your income and your soldier flow, make sure you don't overflow your barracks. Once you get TFs you might want a few more Res to start making LDs/TFs instead of tanks as it's a cheaper combo. You could convert your TCs->Res for this matter.

  • Med Pop, Med SM, Tanks & LTs/LDs
    Personally I prefer this to strat #1. You're looking at a similar setup, except 25-35% Res & 24% SMs/PFs
    You'll have lower income than #1, but you'll have 2/3 defense in LTs/LDs which are a lot cheaper than tanks. It's less flexible for attacking and getting the right amount of pop can be very tricky, but it's less expensive to run this KD, and the strat works well until mid-game. Once you get Tactical Fighters your need to watch your pop will be made easier as you'll be using TFs instead of tanks for attacking and so you can lower your Res% a bit.

  • Capitalizing on VI
    As I've said before VI is all about how you use your power to your advantage. Having enough power stored to shield all your attacks can save you a lot of $$$ and power for a VI is extremely cheap. Some people choose to shield their PAs as well although I find this too expensive to do. 2 power per probe can easily mean 500k power / PA. Producing 500k power a tick to shield your PAs on top of powering your shields and shielding your attacks means a hell lot of Power Plants. I don't advise it even as a VI. First couple of weeks can still be acceptable if you're running a high probe strat and thus want to save as many probes as possible.
Mystical Lands (ML) -> -30% Attack Time, -40% Energy Required, -10% Offensive Strength, Start with S.C.O.U.T.E.R. and Fusion Technology already researched
ML is a very strong starter and deteriorates as the round progresses unfortunately. Fusion technology already being research is good for the first week, SCOUTER is practical but not of much value - most people don't even bother researching it until very late in the game if they can spare the scientists. You can easily enough calculate how long an attack will take. -40% Energy Required allow you to raze more PPs in newb mode therefore coming out stronger.
  • Early Game
    ML early game is all about grabbing up the inactives. Make sure you always have enough troopers or tanks for your WLs to be out conquering new lands as this is truly the time where ML shines. If you rush your research to get EC and max RWCE early on even better.

  • Mid Game
    You're going to start feeling that -10% offense souring you up now. 10% offense could be just that amount to break a nice target and you're not going to like being short on it. Having some tanks helps since they return fast you won't be open for long; If there is one planet type that handles tanks well it is this one. You've got to make use of those -30% attack time somehow and tanks is the way to do that. You could also keep on hitting inactives - small & bigger, and get a lot of hits this way. ML is for very active players, so if you wish to succeed with ML be prepared to be on every tick.

  • Mysticiding
    This is the most famous & infamous ML strategy. It's both famous and infamous because it's extremely powerful, extremely risky and pisses off a lot of people. It can only be used if you have all 4 WLs available and you're playing 80% + tanks. Targets that have a return time of 7h or lower means that with 4 WLs the first one will be back the next tick. Wait until .55 minutes of the hour (or .59) to make your hit. This way you can send out 25% more tanks because 25% will be right back. It's a nice way to overcome the -10% offensive strength disadvantage, but it is expensive to pull off because of the price of tanks, you have to keep RWCE maxed which gets very expensive late game, and people will generally want to hit you for it.
Mountainous (Mount) -> +25% Income, +75% Attack Honor, -20% Energy Production, Start with Laser Dragoons researched
Mount is a very powerful planet type, especially end-game. It performs well at all stages and is generally great. The -20% power production is easily overcome and more than made up for by the advantages. Starting with LDs already researched is also quite nice.
  • Tanks & LDs
    This is definitely my favorite way to go for mount. The high income allows you to easily afford those tanks, and a 75% LD defense, 25% Tank defense and 100% Tank offense is basically unbreakable. The reason you have 25% Tank Defense is so you have that little extra to send out on a big hit, if you wish to run the risk. -20% Power production means you don't want an all pop KD, but you can easily play medium pop and add a few more PPs to make up for the disadvantage. Hurry up getting fusion & EC to more efficiently manage your power.
    Tanks & LDs is also better than just tanks because LDs take 50% less power to maintain and are much cheaper to train and also make better use of your barrack space. You'll need vaguely the same amount of power either way, because you will either be sustaining the tanks' extra drain or the population's drain.

  • Powerless Mountains
    Basically you play without power. This means -30% attack and -20% defense and no shields. It's a big cost, but that doesn't mean you can't work around it. It saves you 12%+ land to put into starmines to make even more tanks. No power also means less population, but if you are making tanks & TFs you won't be needing much pop anyway.
    One way to work around it is by using 1 WL to hit a small inactive to gain power and then using the other 3 WLs to make your big hit.

    Warning: When converting to powerless mountains your defense will drop 20% (and shields if you had them up) so you will be quite vulnerable. If you had been playing Tanks & LDs this shouldn't be a problem because those offensive tanks will cover it up for you, but if you hadn't, odds are you will be a bit under-defended. So if you weren't playing Tanks & LDs make sure you make a lot of defense in preparation for the conversion. Going into mobi for 24h and just making LDs is a good way to achieve this.
Oceanic (Oc) -> +10% Defense, -25% Building Cost, +25% Research Required, Start with 250 Laser Troopers
My advice here is stay away from this planet type unless you are trying to prove something. It's not worth it. Here are the reasons:
  • Terra Form has better defense
    Oc has a +10% defense bonus, while Terra Form has +20% Military Research

  • Terra Form has better Research
    Terra Form has +50% Research efficiency versus Oceanic which has +25% Research Required (or -25% efficiency if that's easier to compare). Also keep in mind that this means that Oceanic needs more points than Terra form to keep it's researches maxed. Not only does it need more points, Terra Form gets 50% more points from each of it's scis.

  • -25% Building Cost
    I'm told that this advantage gets quite big during endgame, however if you consider the extra sci cost you have, and the fact that you have comparatively -10% D and -20% O than Terra Form, as well as -20% Pop (both maintain pop bonus) then this advantage barely outweighs the disadvantages if at all. Basically you are far better off playing Terra Form.

Terra Form (TF) -> +50% Research Eff, Research max up 20%, -10% Income, Start with 1500 research points in Pop, Power, Military, and Money
Terra form is one of the strongest planets types to play. Great for veteran and rookie alike. It's the planet type where playing all residence no SMs is actually feasible and this is a great advantage.
  • Early Game
    Starting with your researches maxed is a great boost, many people manage to come out of newbie mode with fusion already researched. You can choose to build some SMs first and then convert them to Res or raze & rebuild them or if you don't feel like going through that trouble straight out go all res. 80 Res (which is what you start with) take about 12h to fill up - which means that making more res on top of that will lose you those 12h of income.
    You won't be short for soldiers, but you definitely want to make at least 500 sci in early newbie mode.

  • Mid Game
    TF early-mid game is all about getting your researches done way before everyone else, while keeping up in land and military. The more your research advances the more efficient your kingdom becomes and especially when playing all res you want that golden nugget - longevity as it'll increase your income by 10%

  • Late Game
    Late game becomes harder to TF because researches become extremely expensive and so you'll be spending a lot of soldiers and money on scientists to keep those extra 20% pop, 20% military and 20% income. Generally it does not payoff to keep power & RWCE bonus, although they are useful.

  • Usual Game Plan
    Whether you start off all tanks or you start troopers / lts, you'll be wanting goons / LDs midgame and TFs / LDs late game. Population levels won't be a problem but income & power do tend to swing a lot when playing all-pop so keep an eye open for that. The extra military bonus really makes things easy for you, and the extra RWCE makes you an absolute killer early-mid game.

Multiple Terrain -> Start with Dragoons, Laser Dragoons, Fighters, and Tactical Fighters researched
Reasonably strong at the start and heavily deteriorates with time. Once people have their researches done that's it for your planet type and unfortunately although it does have a strong start it is outshined by ML and DW and then quickly caught up by TF. It's suitable if you dont like having to do the researches and just want to start off with a pick up and go kingdom