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What is StarKingdoms?

Starkingoms is a text-based kingdom building strategy game. It thrives on a community of players and is enjoyed by math-heads and fictional gamblers alike. Competition is constant and keeping an eye on your enemies is key. A constant battle between keeping more defense than your enemies' offense and making more offense than their defense, having scientists research better technology to improve your kingdom or having lots of probe factories to better gather intel and rob other kingdoms.

Starkingdoms can be enjoyed at a leisure-y pace or manage your kingdom down to the decimal .01 of resources. Several different planet types allow for several different strategies and playing styles. Each round (rounds last 2 months, afterwards all kingdoms are reset) has it's own unique bonus or disadvantage (eg R68 - half power production, R67 - sector weapon costs at 25%). Starkingdoms is not only a kingdom building game but also a team game; You are part of a sector with a maximum of twenty kingdoms and part of an alliance with a maximum of 5 sectors (100 kingdoms). Alliances will make friends and enemies and look after their own and during any round you will know the excitement of war.

War times are the best times. The entire alliance working towards the destruction of an opposing (or several opposing) alliance(s), putting your trust in your Alliance Leader (AL), Vice-Alliance Leader (VAL) and War General (WG) to guide you in war, or if you happen to be a top kingdom, surviving your own KT (Kill Target).